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Lance Volkov by LancerWolf13

God Dammit Lance! Why do you do art so good? D: (I know I know, that sentence made no sense :XD: But it isn't supposed to~)

So, first things first- Lance has a badass pose, a badass outfit, and a badass gun. Seem's as if you are pretty intent on making him well... badass :XD:

So, the pose is awesome. He looks ready for anything~ He almost looks like he's ready for a battle to begin- the expression on his face helps with that idea as well. He looks almost like he isn't impressed with his foe.. like they aren't much of a challenge- but he'll take them on all the same.

I've never seen you draw a gun before- but this one is pretty awesome!~ Have you drawn guns/weapons like this before? If not, then you must be a natural! >w<

Once again, the outfit is awesome~ (I know I say that a lot- but it's true!). I love love LOVE the boots! And the jacket of course~ Perhaps I should have Roxxi talk him OUT of the clothes, and wear them for sexy purposes? :3

Oh, and the earrings are way cool. They almost look sort of like some sort of top secret... spy... listening... thing.... XD I dunno~

So yeah, great job once again! >w< SEXY LANCE IS SEXY! (not-as-sexy-as-Claymore-even-though-they-are-twins :meow: )
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LancerWolf13 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah! Jrkenwhaififhr

Yesh. He's a badass. And yes I used to draw a lot of guns XD
FlyingFreeFantasy Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
jklhefvljhfifn :3

Badass yus~ And those guns are sexy~ <3
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